“I recently completed the sale of my software company. The acquiring company was backed by a sophisticated private equity firm. I hired Patrick to represent the company through the whole transaction process, from LOI through document review and eventually closing of the deal. He was reliable, constructive, efficient, and helped me to navigate a variety of complex issues while always putting the company and the shareholders first. Patrick also provided meaningful counsel through the ups and downs that come with selling your company. If you are looking for an M&A attorney to represent you in the sale of your company, I strongly recommend Patrick Monroe as your attorney.”
Robert L.
“Attorneys – Everyone will probably need one; Few people have good experiences with them. Frankly Patrick is a breath of fresh air in this industry. Professional, customer-oriented and value-focused, he clearly articulates his thoughtful opinions and recommendations and their benefits to you his client. His own business sense and experience serves him well and will serve you and your business effectively. I highly recommend Patrick for your legal needs.”
Ankist Z.
“Patrick has helped our company with several contractual matters and has exceeded expectations each and every time. His work product is superior; only outweighed by his prompt response and flexibility. When we approached Patrick, we had a deadline to meet and couldn’t afford to be given vague information or spend a lot of time going back and forth. Patrick was able to capture the essence of our request quickly, efficiently, and with excellent results. The value we received was exceptional. I would certainly recommend him and will definitely use him again.”
Brian A.
“I have known Patrick for many years even before his current legal profession. I have seen him in conference with other attorneys and public officials where he impressed all in the room. Working on clients together, addressing legal matters, he has always been professionally thorough and reliable in covering all aspects of what was being addressed. Patrick is a down to earth person, fun to be around, caring loving and honest.”
Robert H.
“Patrick Monroe is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable, and his work ethics are superb. He is the only lawyer I have ever known who returned a portion of the deposit back to me, when he finished the project, because he spend less time than he anticipated. Such honesty is admirable. I would recommend Patrick Monroe to all my friend and colleagues.”
Michael B.
“Patrick has an acute legal mind and a strong sense of doing right by his clients, which is rare in the legal industry. He explains the legal situation to his client in language that is free of legal language and that they can easily understand. His clients also know what his fees are up front and are never surprised by unexpected costs on his invoices.”
John R.
“I found Patrick to be very thorough and timely in his work. He possesses a deep knowledge base to draw from in the areas of contracts and private equity, as well as a gift for communicating complicated legalese. His guidance ensures you come away with a firm understanding of all angles pertaining to your situation, especially the “if-then” scenarios. I would certainly work with him again.”
Amanda F.